Social Media Makeover

In the age of social media, we open our lives to a lot of negative energy. Spending days scrolling through news feeds, can leave us depleted and out of balance. When I began to feel social media overload, I knew it was time to give mine a makeover.

It was 2015 and there were several hot button issues that I found myself caught up in. And because I was so involved every day, it began to take over every bit of my life. I realized that I was investing too much time on social media when I should have been investing in who I wanted to become.

That’s when I started to scale it down. I unfollowed people and unfollowed news media. If it wasn’t lifting me up or making me feel good it was gone. I did this because the things that I was seeing in my news feed were divisive and sometimes even untrue.

Stepping back to look at how you allow topics like politics and religion affect you, is necessary to remain centered.

I’m not telling you to deactivate your social media accounts. A lot of us use them to keep in touch with family and friends. But topics like politics and religion become unhealthy if we’re too invested. I’m also not telling you to start unfriending people, what I am saying that you can be selective in who you follow. Take take a look at the things that are out of balance with your life. Social media is so ingrained in our culture, it may be a contributing factor. When you take an honest look, there’s a shocking amount of unhealthy content that’s shared.

Acknowledging this has allowed me to make better choices with what I was absorbing and now, 4 years later I have my life back.

Over the years, my personal social media usage has decreased to the point of a whisper. I no longer reach for my phone first thing in the morning and I don’t check it 75 times a day. I’ve realized that my time is valuable. Do I want to spend my last breath on social media? Without it, the quality of my days has improved immeasurably and I don’t find myself missing it either.

These are the questions we need to ask ourselves. How much of our time could be better spent on developing the life of our dreams? How much of what we’re feeding ourselves is good for our souls? You can only do what’s best for you, but I can promise you I’m a different person without it today and I like the person I’ve become.

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